The Faith Health Collaborative ties together.


It ties together people, communities, ideas, and solutions.

FHC is a student group at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.  In conjunction with partners like Methodist Healthcare, Church Health, and the United Methodist Church, FHC is empowering students to unite their science and their faith, their jobs and their passions, their practices and their ideas.  

Healthcare that engages the entire person - body, mind, & spirit - is real care.  Healthcare that reaches outside the walls of hospitals and offices is the future.  Healthcare that listens more than it speaks is changing lives.

FHC is tying together all these pursuits, and the strand grows strong.



FHC is a student group at UTHSC.  FHC is sponsored by the Mission Integration Division of Methodist Healthcare and the Memphis Conference of the United Methodist Church.  FHC is open to all students at UTHSC - students from all colleges, all programs, and all faith backgrounds. 

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You can get involved with FHC.  If you're a student, you can join, participate, and lead.  If you're anyone else, you can collaborate with talented, motivated, compassionate students. 

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