Serving The Underserved

A Certificate Course with a mission

"Overall, I think the course was very helpful and should be mandatory for everyone attending a medical program especially in a city with a large underserved population such as Memphis."

"Probably one of the most, if not the most important things I will do in my academic career."

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Serving The Underserved is a certificate course sponsored by Church Health, Methodist Healthcare, and UTHSC.  It seeks to create a space for productive dialogue among health science students on the components of healthcare among underserved populations and the ways in which poverty shapes the health lives of people and communities.  Each class session focuses on a topic relevant to this overall goal, featuring speakers who are leaders in the Memphis healthcare community and elsewhere.  Students have the opportunity to interact and dialogue with these leaders and with each other in the effort to raise awareness, competency, and action for these issues. 

Also, students get free dinner! 

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Topics of past classes have included social determinants of health, the intersection of faith and health, accessing resources in the hospital setting, local and global service work, cultural competency, racial reconciliation, and healthcare worker cynicism and burnout.  Past speakers for the course include:

Dr. Scott Morris, Church Health Founder & CEO

Gary Shorb, Former CEO of Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare

Dr. Kendra Hotz, Rhodes College Professor

Jim Strickland, Memphis City Mayor

Mark Luttrell, Former Shelby Count Mayor

Dr. Susan Nelson, Church Health Physician

Michael Ugwueke, Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare CEO

Dr. Bob Waller, Former CEO of Mayo Clinic

Dr. Alisa Haushalter, Director of the Shelby County Health Department

Antony Sheehan, President and CEO of South Shore Mental Health

Dr. Nia Zalamea, Surgeon at Methodist Healthcare and Associate Professor at UTHSC

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Interested?  We are not taking registrations at this time, but we are happy to talk with you about questions or ideas you have. Feel free to email Chaplain Jonathan Lewis.      

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