FHC works with students, professionals, and communities to make a difference in the world of healthcare and beyond.  FHC does this by approaching healthcare service and education a little bit differently.  


Our Mission

We believe that faith and health go together.  In fact, you might say that "Faith and Health" is something of an emerging field.  When addressing the health of any person or even of a community, there is so much more to care for than just the physiological.  The health of a person always involves the person's mind and the person's spirit.  It involves relationships and emotions, economics and history, factors seen and unseen.  Bringing faith and health together enables a wholistic approach to healthcare, one that takes into account the whole of a person, the whole of a community.  It's an approach that values listening to those who seek health rather than only doling out prescriptions, literal and figurative.  

We work with ideas and partners that allow students and others to workshop these ideas.  We connect to services and organizations that are serving communities in wholistic ways.  We host events and speakers that highlight exciting, impactful ideas.  We travel to other communities and other parts of the world, expanding our perspective on faith and health and how they work.  We seek to discuss and innovate new ways of approaching education, vocation, and mission.

We impact students in the moments they are learning and inquiring.  We impact communities in ways that heal and last.  We do this with all and for all.  

What do we live for if not to make the world less difficult for each other?
— Mary Ann Evans